Team Feeding Long Beach at CityHeART

This is the official Feeding Long Beach of CityHeART team page for the “Love to Serve Long Beach” fundraising campaign. 



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Our vision is to connect people in need with resources for food and daily hygiene essentials. It is our goal to ensure that no person should have to eat out of a trash can, sell his or her body, or lead a life of crime in order to eat a meal or feed his or her family.

IMG_20170822_164750_777Feeding Long Beach offers a sack lunch and hot meal program to various shelters and organizations that cannot afford to feed their visitors and residents on a daily basis.
We rely entirely on the kindness and generosity of our supporters, operating solely on donations. If we all work together, we CAN fight hunger!






First Annual Feeding Long Beach Thanksgiving Meal Service!

Thanksgiving 2017 means 500 meals for Feeding Long Beach in one day! We set our goal to serve 250+ sack lunches at Sack Lunch Tuesday, complete with turkey sandwiches and brownies … ON TOP OF providing dinner for 250+ for residents in affordable housing at Century Villages at Cabrillo.

This is us shopping with a generous donation made possible by Long Beach City Councilwoman Suzie Price of $500 to Ralph’s gifted by Marina Pacific Shopping Center:




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